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Summer Baked Tomatoes

Baked Tomatoes


More often than not, I am a highly unorganized grocery shopper. I pick up random fresh ingredients, having the best intentions of throwing something together once I get home. I had big plans for these tomatoes – an herb chicken and tomato crockpot recipe. But then I realized I wouldn’t be home from dinner for most of the week and, whoops, the chicken was still in the freezer! D’oh! So I found some inspiration from an Italian vegetable cookbook and baked these tomatoes into a delicious side dish. A little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and thyme. Simple, simple, simple!

Baked Tomatoes

Have a Great Weekend!


Beautiful flowers in the Boston Public Garden.

Sometimes it’s the small things…

One of my co-workers in my 9-5 job decided to post some inspirational sayings around the room…


With all the photography work I’ve been doing lately, this quote seems well suited. I’m excited to see where all this goes. Much to my delight, I came home to this:


Yay! My new business cards arrived early!!! Whoo-hoo! (It’s all about the small things.)

Hope you had a good day!


Image taken with iPhone 4