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Snowpocolypse 2013

So after a weekend of this – 50-70 mile an hour winds and two feet of snow:


Boston Blizzard 2013 - Alicia Carlson Photography

Photo taken with my iPhone in Downtown Boston

Snow on Beacon Hill

Snow on Beacon Hill, Boston – taken with my iPhone


And working this:

TV snow coverage

Behind-the-scenes of local news blizzard coverage. Photo taken with my iPhone.

I needed a little bit of this:

Winter at Codman Farm

After being cooped up inside at the TV station for two days, getting back outside was pretty exciting. Fresh air! Snow! Blue sky! Cute farm animals! (Except for the pig. The pig is not cute, and smells really bad.) Then there was this little face:

Baby Goat


And this little guy, who was running all around the place:


Farm animals

Goats at Codman Farm

Goats at Codman Farm

Yes, it’s only February 11th. But as the rain falls outside, and the beautiful snow fall turns into disgusting slush and ice, baby farm animals are a sure sign that spring is right around the corner…right?!?!?!

Harpoon Beer Hall Preview

Believe the hype – the Harpoon Beer Hall is as awesome as you’re anticipating it to be. Jeff and I attended a Friends of Harpoon preview of the hall on Wednesday night and cannot wait to go back!

The hall is part of a larger renovation at the brewery. Set in a prime spot along the waterfront, the hall offers a beautiful view of the city. Long tables line the room, and there are no televisions to distract people from the company surrounding them. The tables, benches, and bar are gorgeous – they’re made from Vermont butternut, and recycled wood. And interesting phenomenon occurred – strangers talked to each other! Friends were made! Shock! Awe! (For those of you not from Boston, this is not common occurrence.) Jeff and I chatted with a really nice couple sitting next to us, some guys sitting on our other side gave us one of their pretzels, and a random other person gave Jeff an extra beer token.

Harpoon Beer Hall

Being a television director, I had to try the 100 Barrel Series Directors’ Cut.


I love Harpoon beers, so it’s fun to try new batches and see what they’re experimenting with.

Harpoon Beer Hall

Plenty to choose from or sample…


Harpoon Beer Hall

Harpoon Beer Hall

According to Harpoon’s Twitter account, they’re waiting for final permit approvals and should be open very soon. (Update: According to, it’s opening tonight at 5pm!) Cheers!

Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall is located at 306 Northern Ave., Boston. Take the T – there’s a silver line stop right across the street!