LONDON! (Somerset House – elBulli / Ferran Adrià & the Art of Food)

Let’s call this the “time-when-I-dropped-everything-and-ran-away-across-the-pond-for-six-days”. The summer was incredibly busy between the full time job, a large food photography project, photographing a few weddings, and spending some weekends away. It was wonderful and fun, but I was pulled in so many different directions that I needed to hit the “reset” button. So when my old college roomie Melissa mentioned she was travelling to London, and invited me to join her, I jumped at the opportunity. Okay, maybe I didn’t jump…there was much indecision over the cost of travelling to London. I’ve been working so hard to save money, and London is not a bargain destination. But I never traveled there, so I chose to seize the opportunity.


 I had a half-day to myself before Melissa arrived, so I spent the morning wandering around. I absolutely love getting aclamated to new cities by wandering around. I love taking in the sites, the locals, getting a sense of how roads twist around, exploring little odd shops, and visiting cafes. During my walk, I came across the Somerset House, which I had been told about when I arrived. What happened to be on exhibit? Ferran Adrià and The Art of Food!

Exhibits in London

The exhibit was an overview of how Ferran Adrià began his career as a chef and went on to be one of the world’s top chefs. He developed art through culinary and scientific creativity, and created a new philosophy about food. During the beginning of his career, a chef told him that “creativity means not copying”, which drove Adrià to develop a style of his own. (And if you’re from the Boston area – are you familiar with Harvard’s Science and Cooking Lecture series? This guy had a *little* something to do with it! Or Modernist Cuisine, anyone?)

So I wanted to share a few photos from the exhibit! There was sooo much to look at, read, and take in, but I picked a bunch of my favorites from the exhibit to share.

Ferran Adrià and the Art of Food

Principles of elBulli

Exhibits in London

Exhibits in London

Everyone who dined at elBulli received a box of chocolates at the end of their meal.

Exhibits in London

The Art of Food Exhibit London elBulli exhibit London el Bulli exhibit London

elBulli London museum exhibit

I sat in front of this food photography wall for quite some time… How incredible would it be to have your work displayed like this?!

The Somerset House London

A film is projected onto a white table cloth. Sit down, and feel as if you’re enjoying a meal at elBulli!

Ferran Adrià

Many illustrations about the science of cooking.


The Science of Cooking

Science! (of cooking)

Ferran Adrià

Yes, Ferran Adrià is this guy. 😉

Part 2 of my trip to London coming sometime soon!

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