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A Visit to Travessia Urban Winery

I first learned about Travessia Urban Winery while volunteering for Wine Riot in Boston. A few weekends ago, I remembered I had a coupon for a free wine tasting, so we made our way to New Bedford, MA. We were completely thrown off by a winery located in a city.  (Is it just a tasting room? Where is the vineyard? WHY DID I NOT BRING MY CAMERA?! So grateful for iPhone cameras…)

Travessia Urban Winery

We were greeted by Jenn, Travessia’s tasting room manager and event coordinator, and she led us through a wine and Taza chocolate tasting. Travessia Urban Winery is small, only producing 600 cases of wine a year, and all the wines are made on site – in downtown New Bedford – by the owner, Marcos Montez! All the grapes he uses are grown by three local vineyards in Southern Massachusetts, making Travessia a wonderful local product.

Travessia Urban Winery

Jenn then gave us a tour of the production floor, which is about the size of a small cafe. She explained their wine making and bottling process, showing us the steel tanks and oak barrels. My absolute favorite wine from Travessia is their steel-aged chardonnay. I’m usually not a huge fan of chardonnay – the oak flavor from being aged in barrels doesn’t usually appeal to me. But the steel-aging process gives their chardonnay a beautiful clean, crisp flavor. The wine and the laid-back vibe of the neighborhood tasting room left such an impression, that Jeff decided to join their wine club. It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks for the tour, Jenn!

Travessia Urban Winery

The reds were pretty good too!

All photos were taken with my trusty iPhone and I did not receive compensation for this post – positive impressions are my own. 😉 Travessia Urban Winery is located at 760 Purchase Street New Bedford, MA 02740. Please visit their website for hours and more details.



Near the end of the rainbow!

I could have used a pot of gold today! So close, yet so far!


First Garden Haul of the Season


Things are coming along well in Jeff’s garden! We left last night with a bucket full of beans, sweet peppers, a few enormous zucchinis, and some squash. I’m looking forward to the zucchini! Zucchini bread, zucchini lasagna, more zucchini fritters…maybe bake it, stuffed with the other vegetables and some goat cheese? So many options! I’m especially excited to bring my “little sister”, Maliha, back out to the farm to see the results of all the work she helped us with, and then make a delicious meal together.

It seems like gardeners are suddenly overloaded with zucchini. What’s your favorite dish to make with them?

Have a Great Weekend!


Beautiful flowers in the Boston Public Garden.


Image taken with iPhone 4

Planting the Vegetable Garden…

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! After a few days filled with biking, cooking, and spending time with wonderful friends, I spent Monday helping Jeff plant his vegetable garden. He started a vegetable garden a few years ago, which has expanded in size each season. I helped him a bit last year with watering and harvesting, and thought it would be fun to help with planting this year. And I enlisted my “little sister” Maliha to help.

Maliha planting seeds


Jeff put us in charge of mixing lobster compost with the ground soil, and then showed us where the seeds would be planted. Maliha and I worked together, making labels for each seed, forming a two-inch deep ditch around each mound of soil, planting seeds in each mound, then filling each small ditch with water.


It was so awesome to have Maliha helping with the garden. She got to see many different kinds of seeds and marveled at how small the tomato and pepper plants are right now. Maliha asked Jeff all sorts of questions about the seeds, plants, and asked me if I could bring her a tomato or two once they ripen.


Jeff assembles a bean trellis

Bring her one? Heck no. She’ll be coming back to the farm to reap the rewards of the hard work she put in!! I think a dinner picnic at the farm will be happening this summer.


Bean seeds

Generation Fitness at Project Adventure

I recently had the pleasure of spending the morning with a group of Generation Fitness interns navigating a ropes course at Project Adventure in Beverly, MA. I had so much fun photographing these energetic folks! They participated in a bunch of health-related warm up games, navigated a course of tight ropes as two separate teams, and trusted their peers to hoist them 30-50 feet in the air! It was a day that had one central theme – teamwork. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. Thanks for inviting me along!


Generation Fitness at Project Adventure


Putting together a map of the ropes course.


Celebrating accomplishments

Getting ready to fly...


Gluten-Free Strawberry Muffins

After not seeing a drop of rain in weeks, Sunday’s storm was the perfect happy excuse to stay inside and bake. I found a wonderful recipe for strawberry, millet, and almond cake with buttermilk on Beatrice Peltre’s blog La Tartine Gourmande. This is a gluten-free recipe, which I was excited to try out because I wondered how different the texture and taste would be.

As my boyfriend and I have been discovering, gluten-free products are really expensive. This recipe calls for almond meal, which costs $10.99 for a 2-pound bag. So I got a little creative and made my own. Take 1/2 cup of almonds and 3 teaspoons of sugar, and use a food processor to blend them together – so simple and inexpensive. I ended up adding a little extra sugar because the oils from the almonds made the mixture a little sticky.

Strawberry muffins

Jeff has a brand new muffin pan, so we decided to make muffins with the cake mixture. I usually find muffins dense and heavy, but these came out nice and light  – a delicious spring and summer treat. If you would like to try it out for yourself, click here for the recipe on La Tartine Gourmande.

Gluten-free muffins


Weekends are all about random adventures, so my boyfriend and I headed out to western Massachusetts to visit a few farms. As photographers and outdoor enthusiasts, we’re always stunned by the beauty of the country… I grew up in the country, but I certainly did not appreciate the magic of it until I moved away.

Jeff and I pretty much have the same routine when we visit farms – check out the barn animals, support the farm by purchasing farmstead cheese or eggs, and chat with the farmer for awhile. But look at who we met this weekend:



There’s something in this dog’s eyes that’s just magnetic. Perhaps it’s an old, good, graceful soul… I made several attempts to photograph her, and this is the only frame she sat still for. But that’s all I needed. Don’t you just want to hug her???