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Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!!! I hope you had a wonderful time on Monday night! I rang in the new year with some of my favorite people.

NYE at The Burren in Somerville, MA

Photo from Annette’s Instagram account. Thanks, Annette!

NYE at The Burren in Somerville, MA

Back in November, I reflected on the past year and how grateful I am for supportive friends and family, and how my photography business grew in such a short amount of time. This site isn’t even a year old yet, and I’m still a bit speechless over the wonderful clients and opportunities that came along. So where will it go from here?

I hope to double the amount of clients I work with. I love working with restaurants and small businesses – it never feels like work and I love seeing them happy with the results! It’s fun helping clients promote their products and business. I also photographed some awesome events, and look forward to working with those organizations again in 2013. I already booked a new client and can’t wait to photograph their Valentine’s Day chocolate collection.

I hope to complete my camera kit. I upgraded my gear a few months ago, but still need to purchase a flash and another lens. Okay, maybe two lenses. And another camera body. I don’t want to drop a lot of money on rentals, and there’s only so many times Jeff is going to let me borrow his. 😉

I will learn how to shoot video on my DSLR. Work got so busy, I never got a chance to play around with shooting video with my new camera! I’ve worked in TV for almost 11 years, so I’m excited to start offering another service to clients.

I hope to be in a position to rent a studio space by the end of 2013. Right now I work on location, and work on personal projects in my living room. Food photography props are neatly tucked away all over my apartment. It would be nice to have them organized in one place that doesn’t take up my actual living space. I’d love to work in a studio space filled with sunlight. (I sit in a dark room all day at my 9-5 job. I need more vitamin D in my life!)


Let’s see, what else… Last year my personal goals were to double the amount of money I put into my savings account each month. Done. I wanted to cook more instead of eating frozen meals. Done. Every year I say I want to run a 5k and never do. I did it a few weeks ago, and managed not to re-injure my knee. Yay!

Somerville Jingle Bell Run 2012

Somerville Jingle Bell Run 2012

The resolution I failed miserably at? Calling friends who live far away more often. I don’t know what happened. (I’m sorry!!! 🙁  ) We exchanged emails and Facebook messages, and I visited a few in Los Angeles earlier this year… But I need to pick up the phone more often. Or get out of the dark ages and use Skype more. Or Google+ chat…or something.

So this year I will pick up the phone more often. I will cook at home even more instead of eating out. Even though my rent is about to go up a lot, I will keep saving money.

So what are your goals and resolutions this year? Any big, exciting projects or trips coming up?