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Apple Picking – Let the Fall Fun Begin!

Fall roared into New England over the past week – like a flick of a switch, we went from 85+ degree, super humid weather to days that start in the 50’s and climb into cool, crisp autumn afternoons. Beach days turned into apple picking days overnight. I don’t know where summer went. All I know is that I’ve been incredibly busy balancing my full-time job with all the photography work I’ve been up to. I’m so incredibly grateful to the photographers who asked me to assist them on weddings over the past few weeks, and to the food photography clients I’ve been working for.

After a 15-day long work stretch between my full-time job and photography work, I was excited to take a much needed break yesterday. It was a perfect fall day, and Jeff and I headed to New Hampshire for his race car ride along experience I bought for him last Christmas. After that, we tried to find a place for lunch, but stumbled across a fair at Canterbury Shaker Village instead.

Barn at Canterbury Shaker Village

Canterbury Shaker Village

It was a photographer’s playground! Since Canterbury Shaker Village is a museum, they do not allow photography inside the buildings, which is really unfortunate. Not only was it incredibly interesting to see how a community was totally self sufficient, but the preservation efforts by the staff and volunteers is just incredible. Type presses, glass jars for medicine as well as canning, ovens, furniture, woodworking…

Canterbury Shaker Village

Food and craft vendors were set up on the village green. Jeff and I spent a good amount of time talking to Daryl from Red Fox Farm about his products and canning process. His canned garlic scapes were sooooo delicious, and Daryl suggested pairing them with smoked salmon. I’m looking forward to trying it out and photographing the dish!


With plenty of time left in the day (ahh, the benefits of waking up early!), we decided to go apple picking. We ended up nearby at Meadow Ledge Farm.

Meadow Ledge Farm

Meadow Ledge Farm

We picked a lot of cortland and macintosh apples… I don’t know what we’re going to do with all of these! Jeff’s planning on canning a bunch of them, but I’m thinking something baked… What’s your favorite apple recipe?

Photos of apples

Oh, the best part of apple picking? Hot apple cider donuts!!!

Meadow Ledge Farm

Apple on tree

It may feel like fall, but I’m not quite ready for these:

Pumpkins at Meadow Ledge Farm

Maybe next time! There’s plenty of time for pumpkins. I’m still mourning summer. 😉