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Planting the Vegetable Garden…

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! After a few days filled with biking, cooking, and spending time with wonderful friends, I spent Monday helping Jeff plant his vegetable garden. He started a vegetable garden a few years ago, which has expanded in size each season. I helped him a bit last year with watering and harvesting, and thought it would be fun to help with planting this year. And I enlisted my “little sister” Maliha to help.

Maliha planting seeds


Jeff put us in charge of mixing lobster compost with the ground soil, and then showed us where the seeds would be planted. Maliha and I worked together, making labels for each seed, forming a two-inch deep ditch around each mound of soil, planting seeds in each mound, then filling each small ditch with water.


It was so awesome to have Maliha helping with the garden. She got to see many different kinds of seeds and marveled at how small the tomato and pepper plants are right now. Maliha asked Jeff all sorts of questions about the seeds, plants, and asked me if I could bring her a tomato or two once they ripen.


Jeff assembles a bean trellis

Bring her one? Heck no. She’ll be coming back to the farm to reap the rewards of the hard work she put in!! I think a dinner picnic at the farm will be happening this summer.


Bean seeds