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Snowpocolypse 2013

So after a weekend of this – 50-70 mile an hour winds and two feet of snow:


Boston Blizzard 2013 - Alicia Carlson Photography

Photo taken with my iPhone in Downtown Boston

Snow on Beacon Hill

Snow on Beacon Hill, Boston – taken with my iPhone


And working this:

TV snow coverage

Behind-the-scenes of local news blizzard coverage. Photo taken with my iPhone.

I needed a little bit of this:

Winter at Codman Farm

After being cooped up inside at the TV station for two days, getting back outside was pretty exciting. Fresh air! Snow! Blue sky! Cute farm animals! (Except for the pig. The pig is not cute, and smells really bad.) Then there was this little face:

Baby Goat


And this little guy, who was running all around the place:


Farm animals

Goats at Codman Farm

Goats at Codman Farm

Yes, it’s only February 11th. But as the rain falls outside, and the beautiful snow fall turns into disgusting slush and ice, baby farm animals are a sure sign that spring is right around the corner…right?!?!?!