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Trip to Toronto – Home Cookin’

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I took a road trip to Toronto. I have so many photos, I have to break everything down into separate blog posts! Every fall, my friend Kelly and her husband Pat open their home to friends for a weekend of food, wine, and conversation. Folks from New York, D.C., Montreal, California, and occasionally from Hong Kong and Perth, make their way to Toronto to catch up with each other.

Kelly is solely responsible for opening up my culinary palette. We met during my freshman year of college, when my diet consisted of pasta, cereal, iceberg lettuce, chicken, and not much else. Being from Hong Kong, Kelly enjoyed convincing her friends to join her for dinner in Chinatown, and ordering in Cantonese so we had no idea what would show up at the table. Having a choice between cafeteria food and eating out, I was convinced to try new things. But Kelly also loves to cook, and she treated many of us to wonderful meals at her apartment. I learned to like asparagus. I learned that real Chinese food does not consist of chicken fingers or beef teriyaki. And ginger in chicken soup? Sure!

Friends Cooking Together

But now Kelly lives in Toronto. (*tear*) This annual weekend away started off as five of us renting a house in Niagara-On-The-Lake , and has now grown into a group of 15+ who invade Kelly and Pat’s house for a weekend. Kelly still cooks for all of us. We still go to asian restaurants, she still orders in Cantonese, and we still have no idea what will show up at the table. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Images of cooking

Friends cooking together

Boston Food Photography

Photos of friends cooking together

I have to give Kelly some props here – not only is she a fabulous cook, but she’s a very talented jewelry designer as well. Check out her website, Elementals Jewellery Design!

More to come!