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Birthday Baking FAIL – Stories in Baking Disasters

Happy Saturday! I’m soooo glad it’s the weekend. Was it one of those weeks that just wouldn’t end for you too? After hanging out with “lil’ sis” after work, I promised myself a quiet night in to recharge. February is always a drab┬ámonth and I wanted to charge into March with motivation and energy. I have a three-day weekend! I was going to get up early! I was going to make pre-birthday cupcakes for myself and my friend Stephanie, whose birthday is the day after mine! YAY! We both love a good cupcake!

Or so I thought. My alarm went off at 7:45. It was another horrible night of sleep for no good reason. Coffee. Music. That would wake me up. Flipping through recipes, I decided I would make a gluten-free version so Jeff could enjoy a cupcake too. These would be great! I’m seeing a lot of friends tonight, so I could share the deliciousness! And I’d have fun photographing the cupcakes! (You can see where this is going…)

The recipe I liked called for chocolate, and I don’t have chocolate in my apartment right now… (The horror!) Oh, well, I’ll just adapt a similar recipe for a cake and use the measurements and baking times for this cupcake recipe…

Cupcake batter

Bad idea. Really, really, really bad idea. I’m so glad I decided to hold off on making frosting! The edges burned to the pan. The inside of the cupcake is basically raw. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about developing a recipe for baked goods because at this point, I don’t. I’m going to add that to the growing “things I need to learn” list. But after how this week unfolded, how could I be surprised? All I can do is laugh and photograph my failure.

cupcake baking fail

Sorry, Stephanie!!! I will buy us cupcakes from a baker who knows what they’re doing. It’s always better to have cupcakes on your actual birthday anyway, right???

For those of you who bake often, do you have any advice for adapting baking recipes or swapping ingredients? I’d love to hear it!