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Chocolate Fallen Cakes

I recently spent a day at Boston Common Coffee Company, styling and photographing chocolate fallen cakes for a wholesale company, PR Specialty Provisions. With multiple cakes to photograph, and a huge spread of ingredients to illustrate how chefs can create different flavors, I was left with the tools to paint a blank canvas.

I faced two challenges – first, the plain cakes look a bit boring when they’re sitting all by their lonesome selves on a plate. My mission was to make the cakes look as amazing as they taste, so styling them well was essential. I needed to illustrate that the cakes can be filled with a chocolate or caramel sauce, or even ice cream. Knowing sauces do not translate well in a photo, I broke up the pool of chocolate sauce with pomegranate seeds and raspberries. They add beautiful color and texture to the image.

 chocolate fallen cake

 The shoot continued at my home, and I have to give a big thank you to my “lil’ sis”, Maliha, for helping me! From carrying plates to holding the background, it was nice to have a second pair of hands around! We had a fantastic time hanging out, listening to music, and being creative together.

chocolate fallen cake


chocolate fallen cake stock image

Above: An image we created just for fun!