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A Visit to Travessia Urban Winery

I first learned about Travessia Urban Winery while volunteering for Wine Riot in Boston. A few weekends ago, I remembered I had a coupon for a free wine tasting, so we made our way to New Bedford, MA. We were completely thrown off by a winery located in a city.  (Is it just a tasting room? Where is the vineyard? WHY DID I NOT BRING MY CAMERA?! So grateful for iPhone cameras…)

Travessia Urban Winery

We were greeted by Jenn, Travessia’s tasting room manager and event coordinator, and she led us through a wine and Taza chocolate tasting. Travessia Urban Winery is small, only producing 600 cases of wine a year, and all the wines are made on site – in downtown New Bedford – by the owner, Marcos Montez! All the grapes he uses are grown by three local vineyards in Southern Massachusetts, making Travessia a wonderful local product.

Travessia Urban Winery

Jenn then gave us a tour of the production floor, which is about the size of a small cafe. She explained their wine making and bottling process, showing us the steel tanks and oak barrels. My absolute favorite wine from Travessia is their steel-aged chardonnay. I’m usually not a huge fan of chardonnay – the oak flavor from being aged in barrels doesn’t usually appeal to me. But the steel-aging process gives their chardonnay a beautiful clean, crisp flavor. The wine and the laid-back vibe of the neighborhood tasting room left such an impression, that Jeff decided to join their wine club. It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks for the tour, Jenn!

Travessia Urban Winery

The reds were pretty good too!

All photos were taken with my trusty iPhone and I did not receive compensation for this post – positive impressions are my own. 😉 Travessia Urban Winery is located at 760 Purchase Street New Bedford, MA 02740. Please visit their website for hours and more details.